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Reports and Publications

DC Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) Needs Assessment Report

In March, the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services (NASDDDS) entered into an agreement with the Department on Disability Services, Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) and the Developmental Disabilities Council to conduct a comprehensive assessment and analysis of the service needs of persons with developmental disabilities in the District of Columbia comprising two service populations: (a) individuals with intellectual disabilities; and (b) individuals with developmental disabilities. NASDDDS completed the comprehensive review and analysis of the service needs of District of Columbia residents and submitted the final report to the DDC and DDA in June.

Ready and Able: Addressing Labor Market Needs and Building Productive Careers for People with Disabilities through Collaborative Approaches (US Department of Labor Report)

People with disabilities can work and want to work. Given the growing body of evidence that demonstrates that workers with disabilities meet or exceed the job performance of co-workers without disabilities, the continuing high unemployment rate and low labor force participation rate of people with disabilities deprive the nation of a valuable pool of talent. Increasing the employment of people with disabilities produces significant benefits to the economy, the nation, and people with disabilities themselves. The National Technical Assistance and Research (NTAR) Leadership Center at Rutgers University chose to address this issue by conducting research on employer and market-driven initiatives to recruit, hire, train, and retain people with disabilities.

New Interactive Data Base on Status and Trends in Residential and Medicaid Services for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

For more than 25 years the University of Minnesota’s Residential Information System Program (RISP) has partnered with states to gather and report annual statistics on public and private residential and Medicaid-funded services for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD).  These statistics have been reported in an annual data book as well as brief reports on specific topics. Frequently individuals from state and federal agencies, the media, advocacy organizations and others have requested analyses and reports from the RISP staff. Based on the topics of these requests the RISP staff has structured a new “Build a Report” feature to allow independent analyses of the RISP data.

Please visit the RISP site: http://rtc.umn.edu/risp to try out the new Build a Report data set. To access the data set, please click on “Build a Report” on the upper left of the RISP home page. If you have questions, there is an e-mail link to the RISP webmaster at the bottom of the home page. He will answer your question or refer it to someone who can.

DC Developmental Disabilities Council Program Performance Reports