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About DDC


The Developmental Disabilities Council of the District of Columbia seeks to strengthen the voice of people with developmental disabilities and their families in DC in support of greater independence, inclusion, empowerment and the pursuit of life as they choose.  We strive to create change that eliminates discrimination and removes barriers to full inclusion through our advocacy.


The District of Columbia Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC) is a Mayoral appointed body established in accordance with the mandates of the D.C. Developmental Disabilities Basic State Grant Program.  The grant program is authorized by the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000, Public Law 106-402 (42 USC 15001), dated October 30, 2000.

The DDC is an independent, community-based advisory committee funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and the Council possesses a membership of fifteen (15) dedicated individuals charged with identifying and addressing the most pressing needs of people with developmental disabilities in the DC community.  The DD Council seeks to strengthen the voice of people with developmental disabilities and their families in support of greater independence, inclusion, empowerment and the pursuit of life as they choose. 

The DDC believes that all people are created equal and are entitled to have their legal, civil and human rights respected and protected.  The DDC, which serves a culturally diverse population, is committed to upholding the aspects of the Act which mandates that “services, supports and other assistance are provided in a culturally competent manner, that individuals from racial and ethnic minority backgrounds are fully included in all activities under this Act and that greater efforts are made to recruit individuals from minority backgrounds into the field of developmental disabilities.”  In addition, the DDC addresses the needs of those individuals with the severest of developmental disabilities, a population that historically has been unserved or underserved.


Mathew McCollough, Executive Director
[email protected]
(202) 727-6744)

Mathew McCollough is currently the Executive Director of the District of Columbia Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC) which promotes independence and equal opportunity for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.   Prior to assuming the current position as the DDC Executive Director, he served as the Communications Manager for the DC Office of Disability Rights, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance office for the District Government.  He is recognized for his communication and training expertise in the areas of education, diversity and sensitivity, cultural competency, and disability issues to a broad spectrum of audiences - students, advocates, parents, managers, community leaders, and other stakeholders.  

In 2011, Mr. McCollough was appointed by President Barack Obama to serve on the U.S. Access Board, an independent federal agency devoted to establishing accessibility standards that promote the full integration and participation of people with disabilities Previously, he served as a grants manager and trainer with the Association of University Centers on Disabilities and for the National Service Inclusion Project - a training and technical assistance provider that advocates on the behalf of individuals with disabilities to fully participate in service and civic-minded programs within their communities.  Mr. McCollough received his master’s degree in Public Administration from American University and his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from James Madison University.

Sudie Johnson, Program Analyst
[email protected];
(202) 481-3879)

Sudie Johnson has been serving as the program analyst for the Developmental Disabilities Council since 2002.  Her level of expertise is in budget and grants management and possesses a Master’s degree in Business Administration.  Mrs. Johnson has a passion for working with young children, adults, and senior citizens, and she strives to ensure that all people are respected and enjoy the same rights and opportunities.

Denice McCain, Staff Assistant
[email protected]
(202) 724-8612)

Denise McCain serves as Staff Assistant to the Executive Director and staff of the Developmental Disabilities Council.  She brings to the organization a commitment to advancing its mission, a vast knowledge of administrative concepts and practices, and superior organization and coordination skills gained through her years of experience within the DC Government.